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  • Aimable / Edouard Duleu ‎– Les Rois De L’accoredeon (2LP)


    Aimable / Edouard Duleu ‎– Les Rois De L’accoredeon (2LP)


    Artikel: 10519

    Aimable son accordeon et son orchestre

    A1 – Les rois de l’accordeon – 2:25
    A2 – Du gris – 2:20
    A3 – Plaisance box – 2:26
    A4 – Musette boy – 2:42
    A5 – Musette a tout va – 2:30
    A6 – La Java bleu – 2:37

    Edouard Duleu son accordeon et son orchestre

    B1 – Perles de christal – 3:15
    B2 – Les triolets – 2:56
    B3 – Indifférence – 2:52
    B4 – Reproches – 2:50
    B5 – Rêve d’accordeoniste – 2:45
    B6 – Accordéon printanier – 2:24

    Edouard Duleu son accordeon et son orchestre

    C1 Le denicheur – 2:43
    C2 Brise Napolitaine – 2:12
    C3 Virtuosité musette – 2:13
    C4 Le rossignol Montmartois – 3:12
    C5 Valse tropicale – 2:56
    C6 Reine de musette – 2:57

    Aimable son accordeon et son orchestre

    D1 Un p’tit coup de musette – 2:40
    D2 Ah ! le petit vin blanc – 2:30
    D3 Retour de Liege – 3:00
    D4 Vivent les mineurs – 2:30
    D5 La valse des flocons – 3:04
    D5 Bille de billard – 2:58

    Label: Vogue ‎– SLVLX.608
    Format: 2 × Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM
    Country:  France
    Released:  1972
    Genre: Intrumental Accordeon

    Vinyl:  Lichte Gebruikerssporen
    Cover:  Goed

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  • Steyn, Cor – Speelt Op Het Hammond-Orgel (2LP Box)


    Steyn, Cor – Speelt Op Het Hammond-Orgel (2LP Box)


    Artikel: 4629

    2 LP Box

    Side A
    A01  All I Do Is Dream Of You
    A02  It Had To Be You
    A03  On The Sunny Side Of The Street
    A04  Walkin’ My Baby Back Home
    A05  With My Eyes Wide Open, I’m Dreaming
    A06  You Are My Lucky Star
    A07  Margie
    A08  Play A Simple Melody
    A09  Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
    A10  Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
    A11  Sweet And Lovely
    A12  Pennies From Heaven
    A13  I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
    A14  Fascination
    A15  Embraceable You
    A16  After You’ve Gone

    Side B
    B01  Life Is Nothing Without You
    B02  Pagan Love Song
    B03  Poor Butterfly
    B04  Don’t Fence Me In
    B05  I’ll Walk Alone
    B06  Sentimental Journey
    B07  Sleepy Lagoon
    B08  Once In A While
    B09  Make Believe
    B10  Oh Lady Be Good
    B11  Whispering
    B12  Hometown
    B13  Some Of These Days
    B14  Wishing
    B15  Ain’t She Sweet
    B16  Blue Skies
    B17  Drifting And Dreaming
    B18  I’m Sitting On Top Of The World

    Side C
    C1  Foxtrot Medley: John Brown´s Body / Bonny Bonny / Swanee River
    C2  Beguine Medley: Manuela / Listen To My Heart / Nous Les Amoureux
    C3  Cha Cha Cha Medley: Cherry Pink / Clopin-Clopant / Mandolino
    C4  Engelse Wals Medley: Till We Meet Again / It´s A Sin To Tell A Lie
    C5  Foxtrot Medley: Permettete Signorina / Reginella Campagnola / Vieni-Vieni-Vieni

    Side D
    D1  Foxtrot Medley: It´s Only A paper Moon / Tea For Two / April Showers
    D2  Wals Medley: Cruising Down The River / When Irish Eyes Are Smiling / You Can´t Be True Dear
    D3  Engelse Wals Medley: Together / Donauwellen
    D4  Foxtrot Medley: Heart Of My Heart / When You´re Smiling / If You Knew Susie
    D5  Foxtrot Medley: Underneath The Arches / Shine On Harvest Moon / You Belong To My Heart

    Release: ?
    Label: Imperial
    Catalog# 20143

    Vinyl: Goed
    Hoes: Goed

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  • Stuger, Fred – When Stones Are Rolling (LP)


    Stuger, Fred – When Stones Are Rolling (LP)


    Artikel: 9929

    Side A
    A1.  A Girl Like You – 2:13
    A2.  Last Sunday – 2:14
    A3.  Wild Horses – 3:27
    A4.  On A Clear Moon – 3:10
    A5.  Hang On – 3:36
    A6.  To Be With You – 2:55
    A7.  A Fortnight Ago – 3:08

    Side B
    B1.  When Stones Are Rolling – 3:23
    B2.  Love’s A Pleasure – 3:11
    B3.  Roaming Cloude  -2:56
    B4.  Island In The Sea – 3:33
    B5.  When Bells Are Ringing – 3:02
    B6.  From Coast To Coast – 2:53
    B7.  Our Song Is Calling – 3:47

    Release: 1972
    Genre: Jazz / Sax
    Format: LP
    Label: Park Records
    Catalog# LBP 3025(S)

    Vinyl: Goed
    Cover: Voorkant Stickerschade

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  • Sweet People – Summer Dream (LP)


    Sweet People – Summer Dream (LP)


    Artikel: 8863

    Side A
    A1. Et Les Oiseaux Chantaient (2:57)
    A2. Heartstrings (4:23)
    A3. Un Eté Avec Toi (4:02)
    A4. Elodie (2:43)
    A5. Lake Como (2:55)
    A6. Santorin (3:58)
    A7. Ballade Pour Tsi-Co Tsi-Co (1:50)
    A8. The Little Boy At The Piano (3:56)

    Side B
    B1. La Forêt Enchantée (2:57)
    B2. Barcaroll (4:50)
    B3. Le Grand Large (3:50)
    B4. Aria Pour Notre Amour (3:30)
    B5. Perce (3:59)
    B6. Nuits Blanches (3:25)
    B7. A Wonderful Day (4:23)

    Release: 1981
    Label: Polystar Records
    Catalog# 6878 162

    Vinyl: Goed
    Hoes: Goed


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