Hansson, Bo – Music Inspired By Lord Of The Rings (LP)

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Side A
A1. Leaving Shire
A2. The Old Forest / Tom Bombadil
A3. Fog On The Barrow Downs
A4. The Black Riders / Flight To The Ford
A5. At The House Of Elrond / The Ring Goes South

Side B
B1. A Journey In The Dark
B2. Lothlorien
B3. Shadowfax
B4. The Horns Of Rohan / The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields
B5. Dreams In The House Of Healing
B6. Homeward Bound / The Scouring Of The Shire
B7. The Grey Havens

Release: 1972
Label: Charisma Records
Catalog# CAS 1059

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